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North Counselling and Psychotherapy is pleased to offer PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant

Online Counselling for residents of Ontario

Online Therapy


Recent years have seen an increase in the number of services being provided online and counselling and psychotherapy is no different! I mean, most of us do our banking online, stay in touch with family and friends by videochat or FaceTime, so why should counselling be any different?  Numerous studies have shown that online therapy can be a very useful tool for accessing help and can be as effective an face-to-face interactions.   Many clients express that they enjoy online therapy as it has many of the same benefits as in-person counselling without the commute!

One of the best aspects of online counselling is that it enables you to participate in counselling wherever you are.   You don't need to be present at our office in London, ON - instead, you can be at home in your comfortable place, or on vacation, wherever suits you best.  

Our Therapists are experienced in providing online therapy and are committed to doing so in a way that is safe, reliable and effective.  We utilize a PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant platform called ( which only requires a stable internet connection, access to a device with a  camera, microphone and speaker/headphones (phone, tablet or computer will work) and a web browser (no need to download anything!)

If you would like to know more about online therapy or book a session, please contact us today!


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