Counselling for Kids and Teens

Counselling services for Kids & Teens

Being a kid and teenager is  hard.  The expectations of academics, fitting in with peers, the pressure of deciding what to do with your future and other stressors can all be so daunting that you're not sure where to start. 


Many children and teens struggle with anxiety, fitting in at school, conflict with peers, conflict with family members and don't know where to turn.  Counselling can help kids and teens learn skills to cope more effectively with the stress in their life, and find ways to get better.   Families often find a sense of relief in having a therapist to help them find ways to build deeper connections with each other and build understanding in what their children are facing.  


At North Counselling and Psychotherapy, we help teens who have experienced bullying, struggles at school, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, self harm, school avoidance and other concerns.   We also work with frustrated parents who often feel like they don’t know where to turn or how to help their kids.  

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